Sometimes the storms of life overwhelm you. You are never alone in going through these storms. We stand with you in the storm at Rainwater Christian Counseling. Being a Christian counselor is something I take seriously. Many issues can interrupt your life and can cause loss of belief that anything will get better. Rainwater Christian Counseling is here with the good news that things  in your life will get better. You will be able to break free of the stress, depression, pain, fear and all of the stuff that is holding you down. You will find a better way of living and to begin to thrive--in your home marriage and job --to dream again and live life looking forward to everyday!

Serving Alabama area for over 25 years as a solution focused Christian Counselor, my ultimate goal is to help you discover yourself and to begin to live a life to the fullest. While I can't change the past, we can find a plan specifically geared to you personally that helps you work through these difficult situations  depending on God and begin to change long standing behavior patterns to live life to its best.  

Remember:  Paul Rainwater, LPC  is a caring and experienced professional Christian Counselor, who wants to assist you in becoming all that you desire to be; to help you achieve your chosen life-time goals; to assist you in whatever way that he can, in order for you to fulfill and realize your own individual and personal hopes, desires, happiness, and dreams. All you have to do is take that first step, and give us a call today to set up your first session. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Important Note: if you feel that you or a family member or friend, might have a need for Counseling, I am here to help. Simply call me at 256-797-4185  or email at Paul@RainwaterCounseling.com , to set up an initial appointment.